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God Bless America!

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Beautiful Punchy     Cheyenne sleeping on her puppy    

      Punchy catching snowballs!!Mom, I'm getting bored...

I've got lots of neat things for you to look at. 

My UKC name is Mikel's Prancing Punchy.

Included in my page are lots of pictures of me (of course, this is MY page isn't it?), me as a puppy (I was just too cute), my friends and links to my friends' pages.   There's also a bunch of pictures from something my mom and dad call EskiePades.   That is something we do every year.  We get together with a bunch of people who live in the Washington D.C. area and they all bring their eskies.  It's lots of fun for me because I get to play with them all, but it's hard for everyone because it's hard to find which dog is theirs!

Oh boy, my mom and dad did it...they got me a SISTER!  I love her but I've got to show her who's boss here!  She thinks she is, but I have to tell her she's not!  Click on Cheyenne's page and look at my cute little sister!  ;-)

There's also a page for my mommy and daddy and a page for my daddy's golf clubs.   He makes them and he's really good at it.  You can even order them and he'll make them for you.  There's a page connected to the "Links" page where you can find his page.

Have a good time and send me e-mail (or sign my guest book) to let me know what you think of my page, K?

Punchy & Cheyenne playingPunchy and Cheyenne snuggle.

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